Tomato Trellises

Tomato Trellises by Veronica in LA
Tomato Trellises, a photo by Veronica in LA on Flickr.

Started building trellises for my tomatoes yesterday evening. Bamboo is so much more aesthetically pleasing (and cheaper!) than those janky wire cages. I used 4 six foot stakes on each, setting them into the beds maybe 8-10″ deep and then wire-tying them into tipis at the top. I plan on adding cross supports as the plants grow up to stabilize and straighten their stalks so they are tall, big and strong this year, instead of completely unruly like last year’s bunch!


Lime Blossoms

Lime Blossoms by Veronica in LA
Lime Blossoms, a photo by Veronica in LA on Flickr.

“You are always here, every week. You must spend a lot of money on plants!”

“Better than spending a lot of money on therapy.”


“After all, you can’t eat your words… I mean, I guess you metaphorically could, but they’re not nearly as delicious…”

-conversations from the garden center

She been gone, gone, gone so long…

Well. Hi.

I am a bad, bad blogger. Just up and left at the end of growing season last year… womp.

(Well, it wasn’t really over. It just got ugly. And messy. And weedy. And I should’ve shared that stuff with you guys! Because it’s REAL.)

My apologies. In the coming months, I will be revamping the blog a bit to include more pictures, recipes, articles, and… well, you get the idea.

So anyway, here we are again, at the start of another growing season, and I’ve been doing yard maintenance and building patio furniture and potting up tomatoes and helping friends and family work on their garden plans for the last few months… but now I’m ready to get growing!