Coming Back Soon!


Housekeeping notes over here! Hopefully you’ve been following and staying up to date with me on Facebook the last few months. I’ve been cranking away at my book and garden and haven’t had a lot of time to blog as well. (If you haven’t, you can still go catch up at You can also follow me on twitter or instagram @veronicainla ORRRR over at tumblr at

Also, I’ve been dusting off my skillz and playing a little with some of my illustrations, importing them into the hyper-slow less robust world of cloud editing software (really really need a new laptop and photoshop like yesterday) so that is what’s attached here…just some playing I was doing last night. 😛

(And I know! You are totally screaming “MOAR!!!” inside right now, but don’t fret- you will so end up being bombarded with infographics and more images like this one once the reboot gets the green light. :D)

Alright, I have a lot more cyber suitcases to pack right now and drag over here, but consider this my virtual “we’re moving to a newer more awesome house online!” (only not IRL or you wouldn’t hear from me for months. New patches of dirt say whaaaat?) Next time you hear from me, it will be at Bikini Gardening’s housewarming party. See you guys soon!!!